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IceCream PDF Split&Merge

Versatile utility that allows you to split any PDF documents into smaller files and merge them into a single PDF
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14 April 2015

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This application helps split PDF documents and merge several into one.

Icecream Split&Merge is a free application that enables you to split and merge PDF files quickly and easily. There is a range of related functions in one package. These let you split documents into single page files, get rid of specific pages, and more using the various splitting modes that the tool offers. Merge or split functions can be used for PDF files with any number of pages. Pass word protected files can be handled too. This tool has a PDF reader built-in. Splitting could be done several ways. The modes available include splitting into single pages, by page range and groups of pages, or removing specific pages. A set of pages can be specified as a range and splitting carried out. The interface to the program is simple and intuitive. There should not be any kind of difficulty for any new user to get started quickly.

Merging offers a set of features. There are no limitations to how many documents you can combine. Documents could be password protected. The sequence of files to be processed could be edited to get them merged in the desired order. The built-in reader lets you preview documents. You do not need to download anything from a third party for getting the utility working fully. The simple interface lets you drag and drop files into the tool and let you get the merge or split done very easily. This is a handy tool that’s simple to use. It is a good product.

Publisher's description

Icecream PDF Split&Merge is a versatile application that makes the process of splitting and merging PDF files easy and intuitively comprehensive. Use this program whenever you want to split a large document into smaller files or merge 2 or more PDF files into one.
Icecream PDF Split&Merge stands out from the crowd thanks to user friendly interface and perfect logic behind the processes which makes the program suitable for all categories of users. At the same time, it features a number of advanced options and appears to be pretty powerful to complete different types of tasks. Thus, the program allows you to split PDF documents page by page, by groups of pages or page ranges, or save documents without splitting them but with unnecessary pages removed.
Application works with password protected files. In fact, it’s impossible to view their content without specifying a password, but after entering a valid password you can work with such files in a regular way.
The program is fairly easy to use – you can drag and drop files into program’s interface, choose the modes, arrange files in a desired order if you want to merge them or choose a necessary split option to split them, and let the program complete the process in a few seconds. Icecream PDF Split&Merge is free of charge, easy to install and doesn’t require registration.
IceCream PDF Split&Merge
IceCream PDF Split&Merge
Version 2.05
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